Remember your first day in the university? Did it go as planned–from academics to social life? Well mine was awesome and one of the people who made it so, is my guest today. Besties, I’m elated to introduce to you one of my three lovely roommates from first year; Raheal Yusif. She’s affectionately addressed as Rayou.


From the horse’s own mouth I want you to meet this charted accountant by her own description. My guest will be Rayou and yours truly N.C for this interview.

N.C-: Q1. Welcome Rayou. Can you please tell a bit about yourself ?

Rayou -: Thank you dear. Well I am Raheal Yusif. A young vibrant woman with great expectations for the future. I’m from a family of six, of which I am the only daughter. I believe in fighting for what you want and holding on tight to hope 😊.
I had my secondary education at St Louis Senior High School, Kumasi, where I studied general science and my 1st degree at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.
I’m a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana and pursuing an MBA in Finance at the University of Ghana 😊. Currently I work with Bank of Ghana.

N.C-: Am I not proud of the woman you’re now

Thank you 😊.

N.C-: Q2. Educate us; what differentiates a chartered accountant from a ‘normal’ accountant ?

Rayou-: Well a ‘normal’ accountant is more into book keeping. Thus keeping records of debits and credit transactions of the organisation. A chartered accountant on the other hand does more than book keeping. He or she is involved in the analysis and interpretation of financial statements.

In Ghana one becomes a chartered accountant after completion of professional examinations organized by the accounting body in Ghana, thus the Institute of Chartered Accountant Ghana (ICAG) and having gained at least three (3) years working experience by working with an expert of the field.
A chartered Accountant is guided by the code of conduct for accountants and is answerable to the accounting body of the country in which he or she operates, and in my case since I’m in Ghana, it’s ICAG.

N.C -: Interesting

Yes oo.

N.C-: Q3. When did it strike you to divert from science to business ?

Rayou-: Well, I have always been a maths person and always admired my parents for being bankers. You know the way they are sharply dressed and all. So growing up , I told myself I wanted to work in the corporate world and that I would most definitely study Business in SHS. But when it got to time to select courses for my SHS, my parents and teachers discouraged me from studying business. They claimed it would “limit ‘’ me….whatever that meant.

They managed to convince me to study science since they felt it was a better course for math and science loving student like me. Initially I wasn’t buying into the idea but later,

IMG-20181115-WA0014my science teacher, Mr. Addai, made me realize that studying science in SHS would be the best since after successful completion, one could divert into other areas which may not be science related. So it came to pass; I successfully passed my WASSCE in General Science and my grades allowed me to choose the course of my dreams; Business Administration. Even that didn’t come easy, as my parents believed with my grades in Science, I should apply for Medicine instead 😒

N.C-: Our dear parents 

Hmm. And like most Ghanaian children I didn’t want to disappoint them so in filling my Tech forms, I chose Biological Science as my first choice, Petroleum Engineering as my second, Business Administration as the third followed by Architecture. Fast forward…God answered my prayers and I got admission to offer Business Administration at KNUST 💃🏽 of which I majored in Accounting.

My mum sometimes says… argh! Imagine you had gotten the medicine 😄

N.C-: Q4. Being a Muslim in a Catholic high school, did their practices affect the beliefs of yours?

Rayou-: Oh not at all. In fact I also had my basic education in a catholic school; Corpus Christi Catholic School. So I grew up with them. Also my parents ensured that I had a strong background in Islam so I am strongly rooted 😊.

N.C -: Planning on marrying one (a Catholic) because from the look of things….

Hahahahaa… well growing up, I have made a conscious effort not to get involved with a man who isn’t Muslim because I plan on marrying a Muslim to fulfill my religion as believed in Islam.

N.C-: You’ve ‘zoned’ Christians in general… how mean lolx

Lol. I have a lot of Christian male friends oo.

N.C-: Q5. Since the topic of marriage is up, are you under any pressure? Muslims are known to marry early.. has that changed?

Rayou-: Well that’s a perception. However, it varies from home to home. From where I’m coming from, there is little pressure to get married as at now. Though it’s something they are looking forward to hence I’m taking my time and praying that I marry right 😊.  No pressure.

N.C-: Are you available though? Asking for a reader

Hahaha. I’m blushing. Well, I’m not.

N.C-: Q6. Has your level of education and exposure informed your view on polygamy?

Rayou-: Actually I still believe in the Good and Bad sides of polygamy. As a Muslim, I believe Allah does not make mistakes and that once He has permitted it, it definitely serves some good in the society. As to whether I would agree to be in a polygamous marriage that will be subject to the circumstances I’m faced with as at the time. But I do not condemn it. Not at all. Besides as we speak, the world’s population of men to women is highly imbalanced therefore some polygamy here and there would not be bad 😄. It’s better to be honorably married than to be a side chick 😉.

N.C-: Q7. Whats your take on liposuction ?

Rayou-: Hmmm, it’s a big big problem in this generation of ours. I think we have lost it. We live in a society where people are not confident in their bodies. We allow media to dictate to us on what is considered a ‘perfect body’. We are too body conscious.


Our generation is obsessed with getting fast results with little or no efforts.  We resort to such methods as liposuction which sometimes don’t come out right. I read in the Mirror of a lady in her mid forties whose  ‘doctor’ got it wrong and now had to live with amputated legs 😞. I mean why take the risk?! And oh!,  some of our men are not helping. They seem to want some ‘ideal’ body type of woman which forces some ignorant ladies into taking this risk all in the name of life. So for me… it’s a no no. Love yourself, love your body, there is definitely a man out there who would love you for who you are 😉. And oh?! If you feel bad about your body, watch your diet and do some exercise.

N.C-: Q8. 👏🏼What’s your worst and best memory as a Mongol (member of Republic Hall)?

Rayou-: I can’t think of a worst moment oo… most of my time in repu was fun 😁.

N.C-: Thanks to your roomies

Hahaha. Ikr. My roomies were the best

NC-: Who’s cutting onions 😊

Usually being 4 girls in one room, you would expect some quarrels and fights but these girls were from a different planet. You would know because you were one of them 😘. For my best moments I would say during the Repu Hall Week. I had heard a lot about this hall week. And I had the privilege to witness it. It was so much fun.

N.C-: Q9. Are you  a feminist?

Rayou-:  Hmm. This feminist thing 😄. Well I believe in women. And I believe that a woman  should be given the freedom to become who she wants to be. Equal opportunity for all. But then again, when it comes to some aspects of life, such as the family, I believe the woman should be submissive to her husband and take good care of the home regardless of her qualifications 😁.


N.C-: Q10.What’s the highest you aspire to reach professionally?

Rayou -: Well I used to dream of becoming a professional accountant and now that I’m one, I am looking at becoming a Financial Analyst in the future and maybe a Chartered Banker as well. So help me God 😃

N.C-: Amen

Not to forget opening an accounting firm of my own of which I would be a Partner.

N.C-: Can’t let you go without asking this million dollar question…Why is akataslopsa so jealous of amanadehye3?

Rayou-: Where from this 419 idea. Please, akataslposa is in no competition.We are the tightest alaya ❤. Haters should stop hating 😄

N.C-: Hahaha. Rayou I must say I’m super proud of where you are and going. I believe in you and I’m sure the two other ladies are as well. Thanks for gracing this platform but before you go, any last words?

Rayou-: Awww… thanks for giving me the platform 😘. It is my prayer that what you have started be blessed. More grease to your elbow girlfriend. And to all the young ladies out there, do not let society set limitations for you, believe in yourself, trust in God, the sky is your limit ✈Believe in the power of I CAN!.

N.C-: Thanks so much

Rayou-: You are welcome.

{Sigh }

There you have it. One of my own. Need I say more? Actually yeah;

Besties, I’m sorry to announce that this ends the maiden season of 10QFNC. We started with a woman and we’re ending with another. I hope it’s been a great ride so far. See you next year! May we see 2019! Yaaaay Merry Christmas already. I said it first. Kisses Besties. Bye  😘😘😘.



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