10QFNC ft Kwame Kusi Appiah

Besties, meet Kwame Kusi Appiah, a Logistics Specialist in the U.S Navy and a super proud fellow (Katanga).


He describes, himself as a young man full of dreams. Grew up in Kumasi, together with 3 other siblings; 2 guys and 1 girl. He completed basic education at Supreme Savior (Tanoso), then went to Opoku Ware School, where he studied General Science. He continued to K.N.U.S.T, and studied Geomatic Engineering.

As a logistics specialist, he is responsible for providing customer service, operational financial accounting systems, managing inventories of repair parts and general supplies in support of ships, squadrons and shore activities.

Now this will be exciting. As usual I’ll be N.C and my guest will be Kwame.

N.C-: Impressive bio

Kwame-: Thank you

N.C-: Q1. Growing up, every Ghanaian child dreams of being a doctor, lawyer, engineer, banker or pilot. Was it same that motivated you?

Kwame-: Not necessarily. I grew up trying to take advantage of what I had exposed to me, i.e. school, getting to know people and build a network, gain some knowledge everywhere possible. I for sure didn’t have interest in becoming a doctor, even though I was in the General Science pipeline. I never worked towards that. Needless to say, I believe that thought ‘waa’, fueled by the fact that everyone just instantly assumed that a Science student should be a doctor, a business student should be a banker and the likes. For me, personally, I was more of a businessman than a science student. Possibly because of my love to see money cycle back and forth.


My military affiliation was influenced because I was part of the Boys and Girls brigade of the Methodist Church, but funny enough, I wasn’t even part of the Cadet in High School. Lol

{N.C-: hehe.}

Kwame-: As at the time I made that final decision to join the Navy, I had already migrated to the States. So it only made sense that I joined here, vice Ghana. It had nothing to do with patriotism. Funny enough, it is relatively easier to join the U.S. military than the Ghanaian military.

N.C-:Q2. Being black in the navy, are you afflicted with racism?


Kwame-: Not at all! Every command has “Command Managed Equal Opportunity ” office whose sole purpose is to make sure that such cases don’t happen. Just like any other program, the data and statistics is only as good as the number of cases that are reported.

N.C-: Q3. As a proud “Fellow”, how do you feel about the conversion of your hall into a mixed one?

Kwame-: It is very easy for everybody to comment on it now and add that it was probably one of the worst mistakes that the leadership of the school may have done. Probably because of everything that has happened as a result of the aftermath. But for someone who was a resident of Kat, that was silly. Since the establishment of the hall, everything that recognized it as the “one and only” hall, should have told them that a mixed conversion won’t work.

In short, there was an absence of a tangible reason for the conversion, so they shouldn’t have carried forward with it.

N.C-: Q4. Did the supposed “rowdiness of Katangees” affect your personality in the university ?

Kwame-: Not at all. Everything was for fun, something everybody needed in the school. Just imagine having a rough academic week, and you get back from lectures to a highly motivated morale chanting by Kantangees. You would be instantly refreshed. Nevertheless, the record speaks for itself that Katangees had some of the best GPA’s at every level of degree graduation at K.N.U.S.T.

N.C-: You did partake in morale I guess

Kwame-: I sure did. That was very necessary.


N.C-: Q5. Are ‘Fellows’ intimidated by ‘Conti’?

Kwame -: I’m 100% positive that you know the answer to that question, but for the sake of your audience, NOT AT ALL!!

N.C-: Lolx

Kwame-: Lol. We are the University Hall, which is a conjugation for the Hall of the University. The one and only.

N.C-: Q6. Most Ghanaian men in the military are tagged womanizers. Are you a also womanizer–are you a bachelor ?

Kwame-: That is the first time I’m hearing that. There is a big difference between people loving and appreciating what the military does and actually getting down and dirty with females. If that notion was to be right, would that make military women “sluts”?

The simplest answer would be no but I needed to set it straight for people.

Bachelor ? No Ma’am. I actually have a joke that I tell everyone on that. Lol

N.C-: Tell the joke

Kwame-: I have 9 wives and 13 kids. Obviously that’s not true, but for some reason, people buy it because I’m African. Lol, and I always say it with a straight face. Lol.

N.C-: That’s a good one.

N.C-: Q7. Should homosexuality be legalised in Ghana ?

Kwame-: It won’t be my place to say yay or nay, however, growing up as a kid in a Christian home, that wasn’t an option to us and i will stick to that. At the end of the day, we may have to look at what contribution it would bring to the society and country at large.

N.C-: Contribution like?

Kwame-: I’m not very sure. Maybe I haven’t had the chance to dive into it that far. I’m very sure that it would be an issue of societal values over democracy, whichever one we prefer at that point of the conversation.

N.C- Q8. What’s your view on abortions with no medical basis?

Kwame-: I personally don’t support it, because of the risk involved. The real question is how much knowledge and training do people have on avoiding pregnancy. Maybe if we work on that, we probably won’t get to the point of abortion.

N.C-:Q9. What advice would you give a freshman in Owass reading this? But before that, your top 2 senior high schools in Ghana.

Kwame-: Top two schools are Opoku Ware School and OWASS.

N.C-: I was expecting that

Kwame -: Hahaha. To a freshman Owarian; stick to the script. People have paved the way and all you have to do is follow it. Pray to God and study a lot. That’s what makes us who we are.

N.C-: 10. What’s your most memorable moment in Owass?

Kwame-: Oh this is funny. Lol. So we went to Super Zonal at Obuasi and we won. We knew that about 85% of all the other high school had to commute through Santasi, including Prempeh College. We hurriedly left Obuasi, just so we could make it back to school and make fun of the rest of the schools. I’m sure you can imagine how that would be. Unfortunately there were some military guys that were returning from training, and then got stuck in the traffic as well (together with us). They all got down, and the rest was like a movie. Every single Owarean had to run and save their lives. That was probably the first time I had used up all my adrenaline. Lol

N.C- Hehe..Guess what? We’ve come to end of the interview.

Kwame -: Oh, just when the conversation was getting better? Lol

N.C-: It’s been great rubbing minds with you. Your last words please.

Kwame -: Thank you for the opportunity to chip in “my two cents” on matters and to every young man and woman out there, we owe the future something for them to hold on to and run with it. Just when you think you are getting comfortable, escalate it some more and keep grinding.

Thank you Cady.


You know , when asked his source of inspiration, Kwame said; “I would say my dad and money. He did everything possible to provide for us, and that definitely opened my eyes to wide range of possibilities. However, i grew up and now everything that makes money, makes sense to me. Of course, it has to be legal

Money sure does make the world go round so work a hard and make some.

Enjoy your weekend !





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