10QFNC ft Kofi Sefah

Let your dreams be so big that no amount of sleep will be enough for you.

Besties,  we’re one month old already. Wow! I’m so elated that this dream has become a reality. We’re celebrating our one month with a gentleman who is quite popular on social media. Many know him as Sconza. But who really is he? Let’s dig deeper guys.

As usual, yours truly is N.C and Kofi Sefah will be Kofi.

Below is “Sconza”


N.C-: Q1. Who’s Kofi Sefah?

Kofi -: How do I even start….well Kofi SEFAH officially known as Owusu Sefah Silas is a young man born in the early 90s. I had my primary education at Rakho School Complex, proceeded to Opoku Ware School and  later to KNUST. I’m from a very big family of 8, my mum and six other siblings ; six strong guys and a girl. I work with World Vision International Ghana. An NGO up in the Northern region of Ghana (Tamale) but I travel around Ghana on relief and vulnerability issues.

N.C-: Q2. Did you grow up as a rich kid?

Kofi-: I wasn’t born rich but was born into a somehow rich neighbourhood. I grew up in Buokrom, a part of it called “Asikafo amantem”,  literally meaning “the rich didn’t come here early” so I know what richness means.
And ‘hey’, I wasn’t born poor neither. Guess I belong to the middle class.

N.C-: Q3. There’s a notion out there that people hide behide NGO’s to enrich themselves. True?

Kofi-: Hehehe. I guess I’d be rich by now

World Vision was founded by one Bob Pierce, an American Baptist minister and a relief worker. It was founded in 1950 after he was on an evangelical rally in China. On the trip, he met another missionary who presented to him an abandoned child. Pierce gave the child his last 5 dollars and agreed to send same amount each month.

He was deeply affected by the poverty and human suffering that he witnessed. Bob talked to his friends and families about this poor child and they decided to also support in cash and in kind. So in a nutshell, that’s how World Vision International came into existence.
For us, we are borne and operate on Christian principles. [Below is an image of  Kofi on duty]

Returning to the “enriching” part, we are supported by donor countries, individuals and organisations. People contribute in a pool in which we operate our interventions from. We don’t enrich ourselves with moneys for the vulnerable. We work and get paid like any other Ghanaian. Remember we are also operating within a certain jurisdiction of a country and thus, we are bounded by laws of the land not even be paid in dollar rate, but rather in a cedi (not equivalence mpo) lol.


I don’t know about others but we don’t hide to enrich ourselves.

N.C-: Q4. You usually post bible quotations on Facebook, what’s the inspiration behind that ?

Kofi-: Every time I go on my knees to pray, it has always been my fervent prayer that the Lord blesses me so my life may be a blessing onto others.
What is more blessing than hearing the Word?

There are times I even forget to pray on the word for discernment but I share on Facebook. I believe that, quite often, we are the bible some people read and thus we don’t need to starve them.

N.C-: Q5. Do you think it’s a sin for a christian to take alcohol ?

Kofi-: Nope. Never at all dear. But, and a very big BUT; if you know taking alcohol influences you to sin. That’s where the sinful part comes in. Jesus turned water into WINE was that wine non-alcoholic? Roman Catholics use alcoholic wine on the alter during mass. Is that a sin? To back my argument, the scripture states in Romans 14:20 that;

“Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food. All food is clean, but it is wrong for a man to let his eating be a stumbling block”.

Luke 7: 33- For John the Baptist came neither eating bread nor drinking wine, and you say, ‘He has a demon!’ 34-The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and you say, ‘Look at this glutton and drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and of sinners!’

The JEWS called Jesus Glutton and Drunkard and a friend of sinners.
Because Jesus was drinking wine too.

Now can you say Jesus also sinned ? Unless one just wants to stick to what he/she believes and not the scriptures. Lol

N.C-: Q6. What’s your take on sex before marriage?

Kofi-: For me the emphasis is not on either being wrong or right.
It’s on the motive of having sex before marriage.
I cannot precisely condemn sex before marriage as being wrong.  To others, it’s a way of even knowing their partner very well before they commit themselves into the lifetime thing called marriage.

N.C-: Q7. What’s the lowest moment in your life and how did you overcome it?

Kofi-: Hmm, the lowest moment in my life is when I lost my dad. You’d never get to understand the true meaning of pain when you lose a loved one.

After the funeral, I met an old pal of my dad and I remember clearly what he told me.
He said, “Son, sometimes they have to go to create a “fruitful” world for us”.
Trust that’s what comforts me and keeps me going.

N.C-: Q8. I’ve seen you post some one two awards on social media…what were they for?

Kofi-: If I could recall, I have been awarded on different platforms.
Notably amongst them are Certificates in ODF ( ODF means Open Defecation Free) by the UDS Vice Chancellor and a certificate in Project Monitoring and Communication from World Vision International.
I am an IDF, Integrated Development Facilitator; I coordinate and work directly with three other sectoral project officers for Health, Water and Sanitation and Sponsorship of Child Protection.

Click on images below of Kofi receiving awards.


N.C-: Q9. Prempeh guys claim at the mention of their name, Owareans shiver. How ‘untrue’ is this?

Kofi-: Well it might be true. Because we shiver at their ignorance. We shiver at their dumbness. We also shiver at their God forsaken dark skin. Lol

N.C-: Q10. What inspires you?

Kofi-: What inspires me the most is to see the vulnerable, especially the child, live life in all its fullness. And also when I see my friends Flourish

N.C-: Amen.
Thanks for granting the longest interview Lolx (Guys Kofi took 10 years). It was interesting.
Finally, any last words?

Kofi-: My last words would be a prayer

It is my prayer that, the Lord blesses us so our lives may be a blessing unto the lives of others.

#May we all be great 🙏🙏🙏.

[ Sigh ]

Another great interview. A huge thank you to all those who have availed themselves since the birth of 10QFNC. And to Dr. Asare and Ishmail, words are not enough.

The journey has just began. Before you go, read the 1st line up there.

I’m Alby Nana Cady and I’m unapologetically black!



  1. A very interesting interview… but you forgot to ask one question … Kofi sefahs hobby. He will definately say its football but i can promise you he cant even throw his legs 🤣🤣🤣


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