10QFNC ft Dr. Evans Aboagye

Meet this handsome gentleman; Dr Evans Aboagye.


The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LovingHearts geriatric Care International and a Registered Medical Doctor in Ghana. He’s also a trained and professional General Nurse. A founding member and the first President of International Medical Students Association (IMSA) Jiangsu University, one of the most successful and the first foreign students union in China. He served as the SRC president during his days in nursing school.
He is currently working at the Tetteh Quarshie memorial Hospital

Besties, I am honoured to have this man on our platform today. Let’s get to know him more as yours truly is represented as N.C and Dr Aboagye simply as Doc.

N.C-: Q1. Impressive bio Doc. Was becoming a medical doctor influenced by your practice as a nurse ?

Doc-: Not really but I will say it served as the catalyst to achieving that feat. As a growing child, all I wanted to be was a doctor. I remember I would catch insects, other times lizards, open them up and when asked why I was doing that, my response would be I’m operating on them.
I couldn’t go straight to medical school after high school therefore I opted for nursing. After Nursing school, I decided to pursue the childhood dream and here I am today

N.C-: Q2. Why not University of Ghana, KNUST, etc… why a university in China?

Doc-: I wanted to explore the world, know how others do what they do to make them succeed.
At the time I went to China, everyone was talking about the Chinese story so I wanted to really feel the Chinese story not just to hear or read about it.
In anyway, it was very difficult to get admission into medical school in Ghana.

N.C-: Q3. There’s a belief Chinese-trained Ghanaian doctors fall below standard in their practice. How true is this rumour ?

Doc-: Well it’s a perception: I think just like Chinese goods on the market, there are very good ones at the same time very bad ones.
The truth is, you can say same for doctors trained in Ghana and elsewhere in the world.
Medicine is an apprenticeship and no matter where you trained, if you submit yourself to wise counsel and guidance from senior colleagues you will be counted among the best.

N.C.-:Q4. What’s LovingHearts about?

Doc-: LovingHearts is an organization that’s made up of people with loving hearts and caring souls who believe that until you’ve lived for others you have never lived.
LovingHearts delivers free medical and humanitarian care especially to the aged and vulnerable in society.
We believe in doing all for the good of all.

Below is Doc in an image shot at the Nsawam prison where LovingHearts helped the Aliu Mahama and DGI offer free medical screening to inmates.



N.C-:Q5.Why the Aged.. is there a personal experience or encounter that pushed you to choose them as targets?

Doc-: Well.. I realized in Ghana most people and the government don’t really talk about the aged forgetting we’ll all grow old one day.
Most of the cancers and chronic diseases manifest in old age yet no one is paying attention to them.
In Ghana most people associate witchcrafts to the aged.
I wanted to break that cycle therefore making Geriatric Care my main aim

N.C.-: Q6. How has this goal been so far? Is it promising ? Do you have enough support from society ?

Doc-: So far it’s been good.. we’re reaching out far and wide by the grace of God. We’ve seen the aged in their communities, the unfortunate ones in prisons, yes we’re doing our best.
Society generally supports the idea that we’re doing something good but support is sometimes very hard to come by. Sometimes we have to move from one place to another soliciting for funds which doesn’t always yield positive results.

N.C-:Q7. Have you ever been sexually attracted to a patient and taken it a step further or vice versa–is there a lucky woman in your life?

Doc-: No ooo! Ei it’s against the ethics of the profession regarding the former.

For the latter, lucky woman? Let’s say I am lucky to be in a woman’s life. I’m blessed to be loved by a woman who understands and supports my quest to reach out to humanity. A woman who believes having a good and accomplished life doesn’t necessarily mean having all the wealth in the world but making a significant impact and bringing smiles to the faces of those in need. In summary this is the woman of my life. 😉

(N.C-: Beautiful )

Doc-: 😊

N.C-:Q8. Do you have political ambitions ?

Doc-: No please. I used to think the only way I could serve was being in office as a politician but not anymore.
I sincerely believe those who serve well are those who aren’t under any compulsion to please people for votes… humanitarians in essence.

N.C-:Q9. Are you comfortable with the current conditions of the GHS ?

Doc-:  Well I think there’s more room for improvement. I believe there should be more investment into the health sector.
Have improved emergency services and improved Geriatric Care.

Q10. Do you enjoy secular music ? Have a fav artist ?

Doc-: Yea I do.. I love Kofi Kinaata..
I love Rihanna
I like Stonebwoy
Okyeame kwame
Kwame Eugene
I liked Ebony too

N.C-:  Good playlist there


N.C-:Thanks for gracing this platform Doc
Any last words?

Doc-: Thank you Cady.
I’m honoured and humbled to be on your revered platform.
I want to admonish everyone to inculcate in them the habit of giving, especially to those who cannot repay us. There’s truly dignity in giving. Givers never lack the old adage goes.
Sincerest gratitude to God Almighty and to everyone who’s making our dream of Doing All For the Good Of All a reality. God bless us all.


10 Questions can never be enough with a man like him. So besties, I went the extra mile to ask him how true it is  that Ghanaians who study outside live promiscuous lives in the name of being in “no man’s land”. He answered: Not true.. it is individualized. I mean person specific.

Well, remember besties; failing does not make you a loser until you accept defeat!

Enjoy your weekend!




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