10QFNC ft Joe Pious

Life is a ride, your driving determines the success to your destination. 

Today on 10QFNC is the CEO of picspired; Kwadwo, a banker/photographer popularly known as Joe Pious. He’s a  lover of arts, writing, music and animals. The mystery behind his name he explained as “Joe is a public name for a regular person in some of the UK. Pious is just someone I want to be –inspirations, good stuff- etc”. An old boy of Presec and Central University. Let’s invade the space of this Dansoman resident today.

In this interview, Kwadwo will be Joe and yours truly N.C.

N.C-: Good morning Joe.  I know another banker/photographer which is Tobi Bakre of big brother fame.
Q.1 Is there a connection between the two professions that we on the  outside are missing ?

Joe-: Erm, it’s basically passion I guess. I know one medical practitioner who is also a photographer, Kobby Blay. But mostly you’d need a good starter, that is a regular source of income to start (photography) with. Between banking and photography, I started with photography. I used to borrow and hire gadgets. For the banking, it’s another good source of income.

A photograph of the photographer


N.C-: Q2. How do you juggle between banking and photography ?

Joe-: God being so good, most of the huge contracts are on weekends and sometimes you can negotiate with your client for a weekend shoot instead. My bank doesn’t do Saturday banking anymore. Probably in the future, I would choose photography. I can’t just do one thing.  I’ll feel under utilized.

N.C-: Q3. There’s a notion out there that photographers in an attempt to freely see women’s nakedness ask for “professional” nude shoots. True?

Joe-: Lol. Well, photography is really big. Every photographer has a specialised field of concentration. Mostly it’d surprise you that these ladies do request for those particular shots. I’ve got some offers in the past which I’ve refused. Sometimes the temptation is there to be honest–the money and the pleasure– but I can never put my logo (watermark, trademark) on a nude image. However, there’s some form of nude which is professional though, as in a mother and the baby.

N.C-: Q4. Are you threatened as a banker with all the issues springing up in the banking field in Ghana lately?

Joe-: No. I’m not surprised at what’s happening. I predicted these things even during my recruitment and selection process. Non-financial institutions using technology to take over the industry. I also did my service with a research company and during that period there was a project on the rise of non-performing loans in Ghana.

NC-: Q5. Do you think network marketing has had any effect on the banking sector ?

Joe-: Illiteracy is still a major canker in our part of the world. Surprisingly network marketing is well known only in Accra and maybe Kumasi.  It’d take some time to affect banking.

NC-: Q6. There are news every now and then about couples who over budget their weddings leading to financial burdens. Have you had a couple owe you after their ceremony?

(~~Before Joe responds, big shout out to AG concept for holding me down~~)

Joe-: 😂😂😂. Interesting. With events, we often take part payment before the occasion and the remaining on delivery of the album or drive. Unless the person is not really interested in the pictures, at least we have part of the money. My fellow photographer rather owes me. Not really a client

(NC-: The twist)

Joe-: Oh yeah.

N.C-: Q7. How tight is the competition in photography in Ghana now? 

Joe-: It is very competitive but interestingly it’s according to your financial strength. Those with teams or studios charge more. It’s a two-sided coin. Individually, you enjoy the profit alone and bear the cost as well alone. With a team, most clients feel they mean business. Meaning each of the members will be paid.

NC-:Q8.What’s your take on make up? And a  quick one, do you think the modernization of phones with quality camera is affecting professional photography ?

Joe-:Make up enhances beauty sometimes. Sometimes the colour and the facial expression is different. If it’s done well, it’s nice. If otherwise, it’s on a different level. Quite often, those who engage in it waste so much time and that’s my main issue with them

Phone camera? Oh not at all, it’s like saying a beautiful pen 🖋 writes best. It only adds to the instant capture of events at the absence of the camera.

N.C-: Q9. Do you get women throw themselves at you for free pictures? And Considering the numerous weddings you’ve had a touch on, do you feel the marriage pressure?

Joe-: Oh yeah! But it’s a trap if you fall for it. I remember going to get customers (account) for my bank. I spoke to this student (lady) trying to convince her to open the account with us. She said “No” but when her friend told her I’m a photographer and I’ve got a camera with me, she quickly came inside and opened the account with us.

(NC-: Wow)

Joe-: Sometimes people come around you just because you hold a camera.

I’m not yet dating but there’s someone who’s giving that pressure of marriage ( one childhood friend). The interest was there before. We lost contact till this photography linked us up. She has now accompanied it with marriage.

I’m schooling again reading General Business Management. I’d complete in two years God-willing and will want to marry afterwards. Erm, I don’t want to rush in getting attached now.

N.C-: Q10. Do you get client whose mission is to get their pictures to trend on social media? Talking about trends, what’s your take on the knust brouhaha ?

Joe-:  Yes please, especially clients like the bloggers, event managers and make-up professionals.

For the KNUST situations, a part of the bible most Sunday school teachers avoid is, “Parents do not provoke your children”. From generation until now, fraternities, oldboysm, groups were formed with a purpose. It’s difficult to change some of these things with just notifications or words.

They don’t want it simple.


Wow Joe. This has been amazing. let’s seal this with you telling your top 3 photographers

Joe-: Clique Kofi moments, Obe Images and Dromo studios.  I chose them. because the first two are my juniors from Presec and they’re doing amazingly great job. Great interview

N.C-: Thank you.

Below are some shots by Picspired

Well, I hope you’ve been entertained and informed. Enjoy your weekend bestie.


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