10.QFNC ft Josephine Abena Amofaah Nketiah

My heart is at peace and I embrace forgiveness as maturity steals its way into my healing wounds.

For the maiden episode of 10QFNC, it was far from difficult getting someone to kick start. She’s a poet, spoken word artist, medical sonographer(health professional who uses ultrasound for diagnosis, asssesing organs/structures like thyroid, eye, breast, blood vessels, testes etc) and a script writer. Jossy is someone who dislikes being bullied and taken for granted. She takes inspiration from books, movies, friends and fellow writers.  Is she truly Ghana’s Lupita in the making ? Guys, buckle up, Josephine Abena Amofaah Nketiah   and I are about to go on a ride.

N.B- I am not an english expert so please pardon me for any grammatical error.

Now, ( rubbing palms) let’s see how this convo unfolds. Miss Josephine will be Jo and yours truly will be N.C.

N.C-: Hi Jo, good morning. You dont have to drink water, trust me because it’s gonna be a smooth ride 🙂.
Q1. So let’s set the ball rolling with this; what’s your educational background ?

Jo-: Oh kk. So I attended my early school days from nursery to class 6 at St. Margaret Educational Complex at Obuasi. Then Jss1-Jss2 at Owass basic.                                                           I wrote BECE in Jss 2 so I skipped Jss3. Then attended SHS at Kumasi Secondary Technical School (KSTS)  in kumasi- patasi and finally tertiary  at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in 2010.

N.C-: Q2.  Which facilities have you graced with your profession?

Jo-: Ermm it’s been 4 years after school, that’s 3 years on knust campus and a year at Kath… yhh.
Had my internship ( NSS) at the  37 military Hospital. Worked 2 years for a radiologist at Tema, Dominion Scan Solution and currently at Quest Medical Imaging at East legon.
I plan to specialise more in ultrasound in terms of career.

N.C-: Q3. How did a lover of art end up in the health profession  and what other talents or skills do people not know you possess  ?

Jo-: Okay I will put it this way; I  realised my passion for acting when I was in KG 1. Because I joined my seniors in KG2 for a play. Then, I used to recite poetry of others in school during school gatherings.                                                  My first talent discovery was art (drawing). We had an assignment to draw our grandma and that was where I realised I had done something totally different from what everyone had. Lol

I discovered writing–all forms– at the age of 8. I wrote short stories like those Cinderella books I read. Later I started writing novels in JSS…i was inspired by two of my friends…Eva n Adwoa who did same. It followed through to SHS; novels, prose, life happenings.  And I love letters too, I write letters to people.

Then in University, through a friend called Kojo poet, who inspired me, I began to write more of Screen plays and poetry. So over the years, I just keep writing but more of Poetry and that evolution is also as a result of poetry writers who inspire me.

So I write, draw( more of fashion creativity) and sing quite well too yhh lol.

(N.C-: Lolx.)

So ultrasound, after SHS, I was thinking of nursing but my dad had done an ultrasound prior to a travel and he told me his experience. Coincidentally a friend called me and spoke to me about a new course they had introduced in Tech(KNUST). So I just took the opportunity to explore and I liked it eventually.

N.C-:Q4. Talking of marriage, I know you aren’t in that institution yet. But are you dating now? I hope it’s yea😃. If no 😒 has there ever been a lucky gentleman ?

Jo-: Hehe..I’m not married nor dating. Neither is  anyone in the pipeline hehe.I haven’t been in a relationship but then I have loved someone that much before…its just what I call it; “the one that got away”.                                          I wouldn’t say there has been a lucky gentleman. I have Loved yhhh….and I guess I was met somewhere also in between my loving…so I will say perhaps I was the lucky one.

(N.C-: Nice )

N.C-: Q5.Sonography was only a year old when you were in first year. How was the experience being a student in that ‘baby’ department of Knust ?

Jo-: It was challenging. The silent ridicule by the name of the program alone; Sonography-almost sounded like pornography. Then of course being looked down on by students from other departments.

Image of Jo



N.C-: Q6. Does it pay to be a Medical Sonographer in Ghana?

Jo-: It’s relative depending on facilities and terms of conditions.
Some people enjoy very good working privileges while some may not necessarily. But I think if I am meeting your question half way, I will say most registered and certified Sonographers( not quacks…lol) are doing well or even much-well. I reckon it’s  a hard question. In another life however,  I love my career no doubt but I guess I might have chosen my dreams to become my career.
I have always loved to be a speaker…maybe I may have…maybe not…its hard for me to tell truthfully.

(N.C-: Not too late though)

N.C-:Q7.Jo, what’s your take on feminism ?

Jo-: We cannot mention feminism without getting misunderstood because I feel feminism now has more meaning than intended, I guess. It’s quite hard to give my thought when people ask me “what’s your take on feminism?”.  I want to know what truly they mean by “feminism”.

So I will just say what I believe in.
Whether feminism is an advocate to promote women to be self sufficient for ableness to be strong and succeed or an advocate for supremacy, or even for equal right, I say Feminism is best explained by one’s own feminine voice and mine is;

I am a woman, Not less than a man. Not more than a man. I am a woman, unique in my own difference from the man but yet capable of achieving anything achievable on earth.

I hope this explains to some extent.

(N.C-:Quite understandable)

N.C-: Q8. Now let’s get girly–what’s your favorite color, actress and hairstyle ?

Jo-: Favorite actress is…mehn you are putting me in a tight corner oo. I love Taraji. I love Lupita too and oh i love Hally Berry. I love Denzel and Will Smith. Seriously I don’t have a favourite mehn.

(N.C-: Hehehe. Girl I can’t go shopping with you…. we’ll have to buy everything 😁)

Hihi hairstyle, hmmm I experiment wit my hair oo…anything goes. I think I enjoy kinky braids. I do that often. That shuld be my favourite I guess.

(N.C-: You look great in them)

Thanks ma’am.

N.C Q9. If you could see yourself through someone else’s eyes, how would you describe you?

Jo-:I think it’s something I keep asking. Hmm,
I think I  wil say “this lady is quite emotional, sometimes hard on herself but I think she tries. She tries to be real.  May be that’s something I can say…maybe not.

Its hard to tell who you are in the lens of others lol. In the end, it’s still their lens you’re  using to see hehe

N.C-: Q10. What’s one particular thing you would love to do to help society one day?

Jo-: I will want to adopt a child to lessen the burden in orphanages. At least that’s something small I can do. I know society is huge and sometimes it’s hard defining exactly how you wish you could impact it so I will really want to start that way and hopefully as I get a bigger vision, I will spread my wings.

N.C-: Finally the maiden edition of 10- Q.F.N.C.
This has been worth it and I must say I’m grateful  you accepted to do this on such a short notice. Being the first means we’ll make all our mistakes now and be better as we grow. I wish you well in all your endeavours. But before we close this chapter, your last words.

Jo-:Like sands in an hourglass, each day of our lives passes by as it draws us near to our destination. So while we live, we must live well and full and give ourselves to the vulnerability of moments…it’s moments that define us in the end.

N.C-: Thank you Jossy.



Guys, I tried to make the first episode smooth and easily relatable. I hope you enjoyed reading. If you didn’t,  I hope you do next week. Until then, keep pushing I might be knocking on your door soon.

I’ll end this by saying ; make a thrilling history by solving a challenging mystery to become a distinct dignitary in your biography. Bye besties.



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