I don’t know about you,  but I have tons of friends, colleagues and acquaintance I wish the world knew about. I know individuals who’re doing excellent in their various field of endeavours who are not being celebrated like they should. But that narrative is about to change on my part because I am about to hype everyone deserving of it. All you have to do is get ready to be an ardent reader (lazy you, lolx).

Sometimes  I wish I had attended GIJ or GIMPA all because of my love for art and admiration for media. But everytime my patient walks out either with a smile or in pain, I’m reminded that I’m not lost regardless. So in order to make up for this burning desire, I keep up by coming up with stuff like what we are about to experience. 10Q.F.N.C is my new project where I interview people of all calibre and walks of life.  People you probably know from afar or are yet to be acquainted with. So hold on tight bestie, because this and every Saturday morning,  I will do my best to bring you mouth watering interviews with different personalities. Get your reading zest on because this blog is about to take a sharp curve.

It could be you  😊.


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