I aM faBuloUs

I fell in love with you over and over again
Until I learnt to  stand
Soon I grew wings that could only flap
But not fly
Then I stopped falling
Because I flapped them with experience and stood firm
I could walk with all might and power
But no journey ever made sense without you
Then I learnt to talk
To talk to me
The inner me
The sober lonely me
That was when the stars made sense
And the scorching sun was fun
Rains became my favorite surprises
It washed away my tears even before they started
“Grab me a dictionary” ; so I said to my memory
I was in search
In search of a word to replace “ex”
Then I found “you”
You are no more ruler of my emotions
You don’t scare me no more
I am fabulous and I am complete
To all the moments I felt ugly without you;
Survival was far fetched
I hiss at those times
And I hit my hips
The ones you trolled
I hit them hard and giggle
Because I found confidence in my flabby tummy
And oh my legs
The ones you hated
They just stepped on gold
In the mirror is everything you covered
And today, I’m proud to say I found me.


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