Who Hurt You


Which experience has made you so bitter?
Who is making it so difficult to believe in people again?

We are human and  not saints. Do you know people you might have unconsciously hurt with a comment you passed?
Imagine God keeping all de sinful records of this journey of ours on earth. …but yh I know…you are not God.

That is the more reason you  should forgive. May be a friend has backbitten you so hard you never saw it coming. It could even be family; your dad, sis. Who has offended you so bad? Forgive.

Let it go ok. People, until have wings like angels are always gonna fault. Only someone dear to us….one we trust and love can pierce us that deep. And sake of their level of relationship with us, the more reason to pardon them.

Free your heart from the betrayal. Believe in the better days ahead. THIS IS A NOTE TO SELF AND TO YOU. Please let that pain go ok? Stay Blessed


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