“Ambulance Car” 21/06/17

Sitting behind me that morning in a troski was a mother with  her son; about 3 or 4 years old , I presumed.  Few minutes after we took off,  I overheard him tell his mother, ” mummy,  when I grow up I want to be  a banker. [they communicated in twi ]. And when I become a banker,  I will buy a motorbike for you; the one adults ride. And I’ll also buy a car for you.  The car that looks like ambulance.  Ambulance car”

I think he meant 4wheel  drive when he said ‘ambulance car’ lolx. I turned to look at him and smiled.

His mother told him to study hard like she has always said so that he can be a banker and do all that and he said “ok”.

Soon when we got to Suame roundabout,  our troski came close to  rav4 and he quickly shouted “Ahaa,  mummy, an ambulance car like this”.

When they alighted at Krofrom,  I had a good look at him and noticed he was also very cute.

Dear cute boy I met in a Troski that morning,  you were very sweet.  I pray you grow to be a banker and buy mama an “ambulance car” .

And you reading,  work harder and buy your mum an “ambulance car”. I will too.😊


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